Chemistry Cat Caption Contest Winners Announced!

Our fans are amazing! Seriously. Thank you for making this contest a success: over 500 entries, thousands of votes, and 1,140 new Facebook fans. We couldn’t have asked for anything more!

So, who won?

As I mentioned above, we had a LOT of entries. We also had 25 entries receive over 10 ‘likes’! The caption champ, however, is Michael Howland with a very LOLcat-like message “i iz a scienrist” and a whopping 70 ‘likes’:

Congratulations Michael!

The caption runner-up is Levent Sakar, with an entry that received 53 likes.

The random fan winner is Chris Macri. Congratulations!

Michael gets the first choice between the Astroscan or the CHEM C3000 chemistry set. Chris will get the other prize.

Thank you to everyone who participated. As a way of saying thanks, we have something really special lined up for all of our fans. Keep an eye on our updates later in the week for more detail.