Category: Sky Talk

Sky Talk March 2007: Total Eclipse of the Moon

Skywatchers haven’t had an opportunity to see a total lunar eclipse for more than two years now, the last one having occurred in October of 2004. This year there are actually two of them, the first of which takes place on March 3rd. (The second one will happen on August 28th). A unique opportunity to …


Sky Talk February 2007: Watching the Moon Play “Tag” with the Pleiades Star Cluster

A spectacular encounter of the Moon with the bright naked-eye Pleiades Star Cluster (more popularly known as the “Seven Sisters”) is not to be missed this month. Depending on your exact geographical location, this will be seen as either a covering-and-then-uncovering of the cluster’s stellar diamonds – or as an exciting “near miss” – by …


Sky Talk January 2007: The Quadrantid Meteor Shower

One of the richest yet least-known annual displays of “shooting stars” starts off the new year. But this time around, it will be sharing the sky with a brilliant source of natural “light pollution” – the Full Moon! Despite its interference, this display will still be worth watching. Among the meteor showers to grace our …