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SkyTalk June | It’s Jupiter By Jove!

After a long drought of planets in the evening, mighty Jupiter is finally up for viewing this month.  It offers plenty to see with both binoculars and telescopes of all sizes, and is a welcomed sight to skywatchers.  All five major planets were visible in the evening sky last summer (a true planetary bonanza!), but …


The Best Meteor Shower of the Year

To just about everyone’s mind, the most famous meteor shower of all is the Perseids of August. Actually, however, the Geminids of December consistently offers more “shooting stars” than any other display—typically at least 100 per hour, and occasionally as many as 120 or two meteors per minute at its peak! But alas, apparently the …


Becoming A Stargazer

If you step out doors on a clear night and look up as the sky, technically you are already a stargazer! But stargazing as an exciting hobby entails a lot more than just a casual glance skyward. It’s a never-ending cosmic adventure that you can embark on simply by following the three basic steps discussed …


Touching A Star

How would you like to touch a star the next clear night? It’s not only possible but inevitable due to the amazing “photon connection”! So many of nature’s wonders we often fail to recognize in our busy lives (the majestic rising of the Earth’s shadow in the east at sunset being just one example). But …


Celestial Traffic Jam!

SKY TALK – SEPTEMBER, 2017 Celestial Traffic Jam! Most of our columns (in addition to telescope-related topics) are devoted to celestial objects and events visible in the evening sky. But occasionally, something spectacular happens in the pre-dawn morning sky worth rising early for—as is the case of this month’s lunar-planetary-stellar conclave. ———————————————————————————————————— On the early …

Telescopes Before Sunset?

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