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SpongeBob and Pre-schoolers

A recent study, published in the journal Pediatrics, on the effect of fast-paced television shows on preschool-aged children has made the rounds on the Internet over the last few days. Are you concerned?


Teen Harnesses Solar Power Using Fibonacci

A cool story of 13-year-old Aidan Dwyer, who harnessed his curiosity and the Fibonacci sequence to develop an award-winning solar power experiment.


Solar Eclipse by Saturn

Cassini sent back this amazing photo of a solar eclipse by Saturn. You need to click through to the larger image — you can even see Earth!


Super-Dense Stars May Squash Neutrons Into Cubes

New study out of the University of Madrid suggests super-dense stars may squash neutrons into cubes. May question what stops neutron stars from collapsing into black holes and out of existence.


Perseid Meteor Shower Sounds Captured by Space Radar

Ever wonder what a meteor shower sounds like? The USAF Space Surveillance Radar in Texas recorded echoes of the Perseid Meteors as they passed over the monitoring facility.


Creating a Hubble Galaxy in Two Minutes

Hubble images are made, not born. Images must be woven together from the incoming data from the cameras, cleaned up and given colors that bring out features that eyes would otherwise miss. In this video from, online home of the Hubble Space Telescope, a Hubble-imaged galaxy comes together on the screen at super-fast speed. …


Defy Gravity with a Rare Earth Magnet and a Copper Pipe

The neodymium magnets are super powerful and even though they are not attracted to the copper, they still produce eddy currents that buffer the fall as seen in the video. Lenz’s Law make a great experiment for kids to adult. Also, great at parties when conversation goes stale. Copper Pipe Magnet – YouTube. (Hat tip: …


Photo of rainbow nebula

The nebula is swirling around a supergiant named Betelgeuse, which is about 600 times the size of the sun and 20 times as massive. The star makes up the right shoulder of the “hunter” in the constellation Orion. Be sure to visit the source below for more detail. Source: Striking new photo reveals rainbow nebula …


Astronomer protects telescope with TARDIS

So amazing! Astronomer Duncan Kitchin protects his backyard telescope with a homemade TARDIS. Click through link below for details on how he built the TARDIS. He also added more pictures to his blog, so be sure to check that out as well. Source: Building the TARDIS Micro-Observatory.


8 images of Mercury: Revealed by Mariner 10

The Mother Nature Network posted a gallery of images collected by Mariner 10, the NASA space probe launched in 1973. Source: 8 images of Mercury: Revealed by Mariner 10 | MNN – Mother Nature Network.