2022 Top Science Gifts: Classics/ Bestsellers

Science comes in so many different forms, some of which have been around for years and years. This list has some of Scientific Direct’s bestsellers from over the years and some classic toys that are recreated in order to give you or whom you gift a brand-new experience. This list will involve all ages and a collection of toys, games and kits that will entertain you and make you think.


Old Metal Classics

Personal Favorite:

Wave Form Helix

With a nod back to the old classic that once was pushed down staircases this new and improved version has a higher spring rate constant that allows the coil to carry even more mass. More mass equals more momentum allowing the toy to perform at its peak ability! Pass this down to your kids or grandkids to show them what a true waveform helix should perform like. For ages 8+.

The Scientifics Brand Manager is very passionate about this product so I will allow him to speak a few words about what makes it so special.

“I turned to a manufacturer that specialized in delivering high end demonstrations specifically to the education market. Their company is headed by accomplished engineers and staffed by former science teachers. They understand how to make a version of the spring toy that works because they understand why it works. It is this metal version of a wave form helix that we proudly offer you at Scientifics. Let the staircase racing begin again!”

Wave Form Helix #3152914 



Chrome Newton’s Cradle

Newton’s Cradle is a device that demonstrates the conservation of momentum and energy by pulling back one or more of the balls and letting them drop and click against each other. The same number of balls that you drop will swing up on the opposite side as well! This is a perfect gift for anyone who wants to add a piece of physics to their desk or home.

This can be displayed on a teacher’s desk or used as a practical demonstration of the correlation between energy and motion. There are many activities that can be performed with the cradle such as making a model cradle that functions as close to this one or taking notes on momentum, friction and pendulum and applying them to this product. This would be a great gift for any new teachers or even just someone who would love to fiddle with something (while learning) at their desk.

Chrome Newton’s Cradle #3156861



Wood Kits

Personal Favorite:

Unimat Basic Wood Shop

Unimat is a great machine to introduce you to woodworking that doesn’t cut any corners. A multi-functional, high quality and child-friendly workshop that is perfect for any woodworking hobbyist including everything that you need to jump right in. All included tools have the same features as big industrial machines with the only difference being the size and motor. Feel confident passing this on to a child due to the short strokes of the jigsaw blade that cannot harm their little fingers. For ages 8+.

I never took woodshop in school but I wish I did luckily, I could just buy the Unimat to jump right into a new hobby; my dad is very handy and has built many things that can still be found at our house including the wooden deck. This would be perfect for a hobbyist like him that goes to a store and proclaims, “I could make that myself!”. Or gift it to a young creative mind and bond over your love for making models and other small projects.

Unimat Basic Wood Shop #3155568



Mechanical Horse Automation Kit

Build a 221-piece laser-cut plywood animated horse and watch it come to life with a simple turn of the crank. This kit is intended for advanced hobbyists that have access to a razor saw, glue, and sandpaper; follow the detailed 36-page instruction booklet to help you through the assembly process and watch as your new hose gallops along. For ages 14+.

I have many friends that are interested in horse riding or that have taken care of horses as they study to become vets in college. This would be a perfect gift for a crafty person in your life that has a soft spot for horses as well. Watching this horse gallop looks almost life-like and is mesmerizing, the gears turn seamlessly and you can make your horse move as slow or fast as you please. It would look great on a bedside table or even displayed with the other wood kits that you have completed!

Mechanical Horse Automation Kit #3156520



Light & Optics

Personal Favorite:

8” Plasma Lightning Ball

Plasma balls create an interactive light show that will have you feeling as though you are controlling electricity like Zeus. The original creation was made in 1970 and has only gotten more amazing over time! Create a dramatic display of light simply by turning it on until you touch the ball and “feel” the energy for yourself. Please note that this is not a toy due to the plasma ball being made of glass. For ages 14+.

As a fan of anything interactive, I am a huge fan of this lightning ball. I loved going to the science museum as a kid and touching their giant plasma ball and making the light inside dance with every little movement. This is an essential piece of décor for any science lover that wants to add some flare to their living room or office! I’m tempted to buy this for my mom who used to absolutely love collecting lava lamps and anything that gave off a dramatic display of light.

8” Plasma Lightning Ball #3081803




Everyone loves to see a rainbow at the end of a long rainy day. This rainbow factory will self-activate spinning dozens of rainbows across the room with two Swarovski crystals. Placed on an elegant wooden base these crystals will create a beautiful orchestration of magnificent colors to brighten your day. This simple yet effective device operates only under a direct sunbeam and will deactivate automatically as the sun changes position.

The best part of a rainy day is finding that rainbow in the sky, and with Serenade you can bring one into your home. I never was too great at science but one thing I did love learning about was refraction, maybe it is because I’m an artist and the twists of different colors intrigue me but I always paid special attention to how light can transform into different colors. My mother always had a suncatcher in the window and I loved standing in the dining room watching the rainbows bounce off of all the different surfaces. I believe this rainbow maker can help introduce the science behind rainbows to the younger generation while everyone young and old can enjoy the ambiance it creates.

Serenade #33153562



New Versions of Old Classics


Floating Ball Game

A classic wooden toy that is fun for everyone while also teaching real scientific concepts such as the law of pressure differential and Bernoulli’s Principle. With the included two Styrofoam balls see how long you can make the ball float with air pressure. Challenge family and friends to see who can keep the ball up the longest. For ages 3+.

This would be a great party favor or a stocking stuffer for the holidays! Even though it is such a simple game it can still create so much fun (while teaching physics). One of our staff brought her daughter in to model for the game and her attention never wandered for the entire shoot. She was all laughs and smiles the entire time she played with it, so I can only imagine if a group of young kids got together to see who could keep the ball floating for the longest.

Floating Ball Game #3037783



World’s Smallest Rubiks

A reimagining of a classic Rubik’s cube, dare to solve this new tiny version! The World’s Smallest fully functional Rubiks measure smaller than a quarter only 0.75″ a side with vibrant foil colors on each side! The reflective colors feature the classics: red, yellow, red, green and white. Keep it on your desk to amaze all of your friends or even take a break from work and attempt to solve it yourself! This cube can be a special gift for Rubik’s lovers young and old! For ages 8+.

In high school I had someone in my class that could solve a Rubik’s cube in what seemed to be less than a minute. We were all astonished that he could figure it out so quickly and I always wondered how much practice it took to accomplish that. I could just imagine him solving this mini version (which would be even more entertaining to watch), but I also could see younger kids with tinier hands having fun for the first time with this miniature creation.

World’s Smallest Rubiks #3167861



Cooking Classics

Personal Favorite:

Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

Push the limits of your taste buds with this DIY hot sauce kit! There are several choices of sauce to make in this kit including the Cajun Garlic Lover’s Sauce or Easy Going Achiote or jump right into Tropical Storm or Flaming Fruit Sauce for a real lip melt-down. If you are feeling really daring come up with your own blend of hot sauce to serve to all of your family and friends. This kit comes with everything you need to make and store your hot sauce, making it easy to rise the temperature of your food! For ages 14+.

My brother will put hot sauce on anything, and that is not an exaggeration either. He is willing to try anything hot or spicy whenever we go out to restaurants and even has miniature bottles of hot sauce stashed around his kitchen. To be able to control how spicy his hot sauce would be with his own DIY kit would be his dream. If you have anyone in your family that outdoes themselves on the spicy meter anytime you see them then this would be the perfect gift for them.

Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit #3097700



Make Your Own Old Fashioned Root Beer & Birch Beer Kit

Create your very own old-fashioned root beer with traditional ingredients! With your choice of great-tasting root beer or birch beer, you no longer have to wait for the county fair to roll around to get a fresh tasty soda pop. The kit contains a gallon of each flavor (so you can share your creations), soda extract, yeast, a funnel, a siphon hose and more! Follow the simple instructions or download our root beer float recipe to have some extra fun with your new kit. For ages 14+.

Now, I am not a fan of root beer (something I get made told off for mercilessly) however, I do know many people that swear by it as their favorite drink in existence. MAYER Products are top-notch and high quality, not to mention can be found in the same state we operate. We are proud to carry such a product since this company has been operating for so long now, they know how to create an old-fashioned root beer!

Make Your Own Old Fashioned Root Beer & Birch Beer Kit #3157212