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December’s Delightful Shooting Stars

EDMUND SCIENTIFICS – SKY TALK – DECEMBER, 2017 Were I to pick my favorite of the year’s several good annual meteor showers, it wouldn’t be the famed Perseids of August (seemingly everyone’s favorite) but rather the Geminids of December. It consistently offers more “shooting stars” than any other display—typically at least 100 per hour, and …

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Spot the First Planet Ever Discovered

The sky this month (and next) offers an opportunity to see the first planet to be “discovered” in our solar system—Uranus! At magnitude 5.7 it can be spotted with the unaided eye under very dark viewing conditions. The smallest pair of binoculars will definitely show it, while telescopes will reveal that it is indeed a …


Touching A Star

How would you like to touch a star the next clear night? It’s not only possible but inevitable due to the amazing “photon connection”! So many of nature’s wonders we often fail to recognize in our busy lives (the majestic rising of the Earth’s shadow in the east at sunset being just one example). But …

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What is Moon Gardening?

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Science Valentine’s Day Cards (Printable)

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February Sky Talk | Selecting A Telescope

A Scandinavian reindeer waits in the late afternoon on a snowy day for someone to hop in his sleigh.
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