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8 Science Classics Everyone Should Own at Some Point in Their Life

Since starting as Scientifics Direct, I quickly discovered that there’s quite a list of classic science products. Packed with fun and brimming with nostalgia, these scientific demonstrations are hard to resist. Whether a perfect addition to your desk or the tool to unlock scientific curiosity in young minds, this is a section you don’t want to miss. [READ MORE]


It’s all About the Reaction: 6 of Our Best Chemistry Kits for Kids (Plus 1 Bonus Kit)

Chemistry experiments really are one of the best ways to get children interested in science. Plus, chemistry kits make fun gifts that kids love, rarely realizing how much they’re learning.
Once you’ve decided to go the chemistry kit route, it’s just a matter of what kit to get – which is definitely the hardest part (especially if you’re indecisive – speaking from experience). I did the heavy lifting and ended up with a list of 6 (okay, 7) chemistry kits that make the perfect gift. [READ MORE]


Gift Ideas for the 7 Types of Adult Geeks in Your Life

I picked items to cover the different types of grownup science and math geeks out there and ended up with something for all of them and a runner-up (because there is way too much to choose from). I ended up with a list of nerdy, science-oriented, niche products that you really would never find on the shelves of Target or Walmart. You won’t find any children’s toys here, just advanced nerd [READ MORE]


Best of the Best (Sellers): 12 Science Must Have Products Across the Applied Sciences

With so many amazing educational science products to choose from, it’s hard to find the best. What will excite the science enthusiast in your life? With gift-giving for the upcoming holidays high in my mind, I can already tell it’ll be difficult to figure out what to get for the people in my life. And I can’t be the only one in this position! [READ MORE]


5 Best Gifts for 3-Year-Olds for the 2021 Holiday Season

Finding the perfect gift is hard, and it can be even harder when the gift is for a pint-sized human. That’s where I stepped in. I’ve compiled a list of five of the most fun and educational products that should leave your preschooler (ages 3+) laughing and having fun. [READ MORE]


5 Must Have Gifts for Kids 5 and Up this Holiday Season (2021)

Kindergartners have active minds and are constantly learning. The best gifts for them center around these two traits. But it’s easier said than done finding the perfect gift. You don’t want to miss the mark, missing out on that excited, little-kid smile when they tear through the colorful paper into the perfect gift. It’s also a major win when it’s educational. [READ MORE]


Top 5 Educational and Fun Gifts for Kids 8 and Up for the Holiday Season (2021)

As kids get older, the art of gift giving gets harder. The challenge becomes picking something fun for them that compliments what they’re learning in school and helps make science come to life for them.
Is it just me, or does that sound really hard? If it does, you’ll want to keep reading. I went through a big list of our best selling products for this age group and selected five items – games, toys, kits, all that – that would help kids learn without them even knowing it, building upon the lessons that they get every day in school but that didn’t skimp out on the fun factor. [READ MORE]


Top 5 Science Toys and Gifts for Your 10-Year-Old this Holiday Season (2021)

My oldest niece turned 10 over the summer, and with a new decade comes a new gift buying challenge. Since I start thinking about what to get people for the holidays starting in September, I’m at the top of my gift idea game now. But she had thrown me off.
So, to combat that, I had her in mind while making this list. I thought, what would she like, but I also considered what gifts, games and kits would allow her – and other 10-year-olds – to use what she’s learned in school. Not only did I compile a list of products packed with fun, but I found what provided the biggest educational value to this age group, getting them to not just use what they’ve learned but apply it too. [READ MORE]


5 Best Science Gifts for Teens this Holiday Season (2021)

I swear, teens are the worst to shop for! They’re too old for traditional toys, and half the time they think they’re too cool for everything else. Plus, they’re getting smarter and learning more in school meaning it’s harder to find what challenges them.
When you’re finding the teenager in your life the perfect gift, you want to go beyond what they’re learning in school. Give them a gift with a challenge they’ll truly enjoy and keep them busy for hours to come. [READ MORE]


Top 5 Gifts for Adults and Hobbyists for the 2021 Holiday Season

Now that you have the kids figured out, it’s time to worry about the adults, the real challenge. What do you get for the detail-oriented hobbyist and overall nerd in your life who’s always looking for their next challenge? This is where I struggle. Buying gifts for my dad – near impossible. [READ MORE]