What Are Equinoxs & Solstices?

A much-awaited event occurs every year on this month. It’s the arrival of Spring at the vernal (or spring) equinox. On that date the Sun crosses the celestial equator on its way north. And at that time there are equal amounts of day and night throughout the world (thus the term “equinox” from “equal night”). But there are actually two equinoxes. And as we will see, there are also two solstices—or the time when the Sun appears to stand still in the sky (thus the term “solstice” or “sun still”).


The Amazing Star And Planet Locator

If you already have a Scientifics Star and Planet Locator (if you don’t you must get one!), you possess a wonderful stargazing tool. But most users may be unaware of its many unique and valuable features in exploring the wonders of the night sky using nothing more than the unaided eye (no binoculars or telescope needed).


How Far Can You See?

Have you ever wondered just how far into space you can see on a clear night with your unaided eye? The answer will likely surprise you. The range of distances is truly amazing! But before turning to the night sky, we need to give a nod to the most important star in the heavens—our Daytime Star, the Sun! (We orbit it at an average distance of 93,000,000 miles.)


King of the Meteor Showers

The Geminids are what many skywatchers consider to be the best annual display of “shooting stars” superior even to the more famous Perseids in August. But this year the King will be somewhat compromised by “the Queen of Night”—the Moon! On the evening of December 13th into the morning of December 14th the sky will …


A “Horizon-Hugging” Total Lunar Eclipse

An eclipse of the Moon is total, in which case our satellite is completely immersed in the Earth’s dark inner shadow (the umbra)—or partial when only part of the Moon is covered. Total eclipses begin and end as partials, as the Moon enters and then leaves the umbra. Our second lunar eclipse this year happens during the early morning hours of November 8th. But seeing it is somewhat of a race across the country as the Moon gets lower and lower in the sky as the spectacle unfolds.


2022 Top Science Gifts for Passionate Geeks

As someone who totally geeks out over anything superheroes, anime and pop culture I can say that anyone in my life would vouch that it is super difficult to buy me gifts during the holidays or birthdays. However, there are many different factions of geeks out there; some are harder to buy for than others.


2022 Top Science Gifts for Serious Hobbyists

Everyone has at least one hobby they are obsessed with and tries to get their friends and family into, and these products are no exception. You won’t find these products in just any store like Walmart or Target and instead are gauged towards hobbyists that feel as though they have everything they could ever want. Surprise! At Scientifics Direct we encourage any products that are outside the box and can still bring excitement and joy to any serious hobbyist of the following categories who would happily show them off.


2022 Top Science Gifts: Classics/ Bestsellers

Science comes in so many different forms, some of which have been around for years and years. This list has some of Scientific Direct’s bestsellers from over the years and some classic toys that are recreated in order to give you or whom you gift a brand-new experience. This list will involve all ages and a collection of toys, games and kits that will entertain you and make you think.


2022 Top Science Gifts for 5 and Up

At the age of 5 your children will be entering school, so why not gift them the joy of learning about coding, chemistry, history, engineering and many other topics? Of course, we want children to still enjoy their time of play while striving to build their creativity so I have created a list that balances all of the above. Help them grow familiar with STEM principles to assist their learning in the classroom and give them a head start in front of the other kids.


2022 Top Science Gifts for 8 and Up

As children get older and begin learning more about the world and science in school they begin to pick up hobbies or toys that reflect those teachings. However, it is not always easy to find a gift for an 8-year-old that may not even know what they want. This list of products will help you find different toys, games and other STEM kits that any kid will be entertained by (while also being educational without them even knowing it).