2022 Top Science Gifts for 5 and Up

At the age of 5 your children will be entering school, so why not gift them the joy of learning about coding, chemistry, history, engineering and many other topics? Of course, we want children to still enjoy their time of play while striving to build their creativity so I have created a list that balances all of the above. Help them grow familiar with STEM principles to assist their learning in the classroom and give them a head start in front of the other kids.


For Electronic Fun


Charlie the Astronaut

Travel to outer space as you program Charlie with up to 200 actions and more than 20 functions with your compatible smart device. Download the corresponding app and let the journey begin; you can switch between walking or space sliding through gesture or gyroscopic controls. Learn about the solar system and space with a 300-question quiz game and the included spacepedia (space encyclopedia). For ages 5+.

Perfect for any child that dreams of one day being an astronaut, Charlie can be a fun yet educational companion. The downloadable app is easy to use and the added quiz will help improve your child’s knowledge of space while challenging them to remember the information that they learn along the way.

Charlie the Astronaut #3157857




A brand-new rendition of a classic game, the Brainbolt will challenge your brain to follow and memorize the pattern of lights as they appear. With 5 times the number of lights as “Simon Says” challenge your child (and yourself) to identify each sequence and win the game as visual/audio effects keep you immersed in the gameplay. For ages 7+.

“Simon Says” was one of the games I always carried around with me growing up. No matter how many times I lost I would try over and over again until I finally won. I loved challenging my older brother to see who could beat it in the least amount of tries, and to this day I think it definitely teased my brain enough to keep me coming back for more. I tested out the Brainbolt and while it has basic or advanced gameplay this will challenge you in the best way possible. Plus, there is a two-player mode so you can share the fun.

Brainbolt #3157833


Dig Kits for Kids

Personal Favorite:

I Dig It! Dino Eggs

Lead a dinosaur excavation expedition with your very own dinosaur fossil egg. Use the included pick to chip away the egg and uncover the dinosaur hidden within! There are 12 dinosaurs to collect and are chosen completely at random so try your luck with multiple eggs. The fun doesn’t stop there, after uncovering your dinosaur you can display or play with each one as you learn and identify the secrets behind each type. For ages 5+.

I have learned during my time here that I absolutely love dig kits. The act of having to dig out your toy and discover where it is located in your own mini excavation is so fun and rewarding, I could only imagine that it’s even better for a younger kid. I love collecting mini-figures from different shows and collections so these dinosaurs fit right in on my desk at work! I recommend researching the dinosaur that your child digs out to give them a more immersive experience as well.

I Dig It! Dino Eggs #3157622



Coins of Roman Empire Dig Kit

Learn about the era of the Roman Empire with this archaeological kit in the comfort of your own home. Chip away at the included plaster block to discover seven different roman coins that depict historically significant figures such as Julius Caesar. The plastic coins that symbolize currency made from gold, silver, bronze and copper will teach you the history behind the Roman Empire and its rule while being awesome collectibles! For ages 4+.

This dig kit challenges you to become a budding archaeologist with its included tools such as a hammer, chisel and small brush to wipe away any dust or powder. Being able to hold a replica of ancient history will make your child want to learn more about what has come and passed (and maybe do another dig kit or two). I love the idea of a plaster block that makes you really put all your focus on unearthing the contents inside; this kit in particular amazes me due to the historical accurateness of the coins.

Coins of Roman Empire Dig Kit #3157769 


Art Meets Tech


Sound and Touch Activated Light Show

Create a custom unique 3D light show with colorful LED blocks while learning about electricity. With 28 blocks you can create what is shown in the step-by-step instructions or strive to create something entirely new! Connect the blocks to form a multi-function controller, voice/sound controller and color-changing lamp. Watch your creation come to life with the touch of your finger or the sound of your voice. For ages 5+.

These building blocks are not your typical run-of-the-mill blocks, with the LED capability your child can play from day to night with these (and still make brand-new creations). This toy will teach your child very simplistic properties of electricity while getting to create 3D buildings or even animals and making it react to their favorite song too!

Sound & Touch Activated Light Show #3157708



Kool Kreeper Color Tracer

Your child will enjoy building their color recognition while enhancing their color recognition skills all with a cute little chameleon. With the introduction to STEAM learning, your child can draw a line on the included play sheets and watch the Kool Kreeper come to life and follow its path changing color for what color of the mat it is on. This little cute robot can change 5 different colors: blue, green, yellow, pink, and purple. Don’t forget to try it on different surfaces to see how your new companion reacts! For ages 3+.

The Kool Kreeper has got to be one of the cutest smart robots that we carry at Scientifics Direct. If the child you are looking to buy for is anything like my niece, they’ll be carrying around this chameleon as their new best friend. You can even create mini-games with your little ones involving the colors the chameleon turns to teach them not only about what each one looks like but how to properly use and pronounce the words too!

Kool Kreeper Color Tracer #3157732



For Young Musicians


Music Maker Kit

Play your favorite songs on this wooden lap harp with no musical experience needed. Simply slide one of the included song sheets beneath the 15 strings and pluck away with a pick above each printed note to hear one of the 36 included songs come alive. Play the Beatles, Disney and Children’s Classic songs on the go as you carry your music maker in a canvas case.

My brother tried teaching me guitar at a young age but quickly got frustrated that I didn’t understand it as well as him (I also didn’t practice so that is on me) but with the Music Maker you can still feel like a musical genius without having to remember any notes or chords. Your child can even play songs from your childhood such as Winnie the Pooh and Beauty and the Beast; soon at the next family gathering, your child will be able to wow the whole family with their musical talent!

Music Maker Kit #3157817


Personal Favorite:

Color Changing LED Drumsticks

Turn your next jam sesh into an awesome rave with LED multicolored drumsticks that change color with every beat of the drum. Your child will enjoy using this on a drum pad or any surface and watching as the sticks change between blue, purple, green and red. The solid plastic tip and body make the drumsticks ultra-durable protecting your accessory and instrument from damage for up to 8 hours of playtime.

Any time my family took a long road trip I would be in the backseat tapping away against the driver’s seat to the beat of whatever song my iPod Shuffle was playing (what a throwback). Eventually, my parents gifted me wooden drumsticks but I know my younger self would’ve enjoyed these a lot more, especially if we were traveling at night. I also helped shoot the product photos for this item and our model had a smile on her face the entire time while we played a playlist of her favorite songs to drum along to.

Color Changing LED Drumsticks #3157830



Fan Favorites for 5+

Personal Favorite:

Giant Bubble Mega Loop Creator

Many kids spend their summer days chasing bubbles outdoors with their friends but now they can step INSIDE the bubble for a brand-new experience. The MegaLoop invites you to fill the base with a super-secret bubble concentrate, invite a friend to step inside the circle, and raise the wand over your pal to create a gigantic bubble. You can also create massive bubbles that stretch and dance throughout the air at amazing lengths! For ages 5+.

I spent a lot of time outside growing up waving around my bubble wand and trying to create the largest bubbles possible. However, most of the time the bubbles would pop after a second and the magic would be gone. I’ve seen this bubble maker in action and trust me when I say I’ve never created or seen bubbles this big, let alone seen a person step inside of one. My niece visits every summer and loves playing with bubbles in our backyard so I may have to add this to my wish list as well.

Giant Bubble Mega Loop Creator #3157382




Play the classic sport of soccer between two RC robots on your table at home! Grab your family and friends and play tournaments to see who will become the next soccer superstar. With the included green and blue bots as your players use the included remotes to dribble, pass and score as they make their way down the playfield. Celebrate each point with a little victory dance and get scoring another goal!

I played soccer for over 10 years and I still enjoy playing anything even close to real soccer be it FIFA on the Playstation or even foosball. These little robots are easy to use but still equally as fun as any other form of soccer with the major plus that you can take them wherever you go. The remotes snap right onto each robot so you don’t misplace them too! This would be a great introduction to soccer for super young children that haven’t gotten the opportunity to join a team.

SoccerBots #3157733