2022 Top Science Gifts for 8 and Up

As children get older and begin learning more about the world and science in school they begin to pick up hobbies or toys that reflect those teachings. However, it is not always easy to find a gift for an 8-year-old that may not even know what they want. This list of products will help you find different toys, games and other STEM kits that any kid will be entertained by (while also being educational without them even knowing it).


For VR Enthusiasts


VR Magic

Magic kits used to come in dingy plastic containers with booklets that rarely described the trick properly and in turn would have the user trying to figure out the trick on their own, but with this VR magic kit simply put on the goggles (and your own cellular device) and be transported to a virtual stage. With 34 hands-on tricks you will be viewing each one from a professional magician’s view giving you all the details you need to perform each trick. For ages 8+.

When we first received this product, I became the guinea pig for the day and aimed to test out this product as someone who loved getting magic kits on Christmas day for many years as a child. The 30 props that you receive in this kit will keep your child (and even adults) entertained for hours learning and performing the tricks. My favorite tricks involve cards and after a few minutes of practicing, I was able to successfully perform it to my manager (and feel very accomplished at the same time)!

VR Magic #3157788



VR MasterChef Junior Kit

Children begin to “cook” at a very young age with different kitchen sets involving plastic food and ingredients, but with this kit, you can give them the opportunity to truly begin to learn culinary skills. With 30 included recipes and 21 pieces of full-size and food-safe utensils, your child will be cooking meals like Ravioli or Salmon for the whole family. The VR headset will send the user into the hit Fox TV show’s MasterChef kitchen to learn from previous contestants and winners while cooking breakfast, snacks, entrees and desserts. For ages 8+.

When I was younger, I loved baking in my Easy Bake Oven but always felt somewhat limited with what I could create. As I got a little bit older, I became obsessed with baking and even told people that I would one day open a cupcake shop. I can say with confidence that I would’ve loved this kit as a child, it would’ve inspired and challenged me while also teaching me to cook more than just pasta and chicken (which to this day I don’t know much outside of).

My brother (who is a much better cook) is currently trying to teach my 8-year-old niece how to assist in the kitchen and I think this kit would be a great bonding experience for them while also teaching her some culinary skills.

VR MasterChef Junior Kit #3157789



Electronic Loving Kids

Personal Favorite:

Rockin’ Electronic Keyboard

Assemble a mini electronic keyboard and play all of your favorite music. This kit includes more than 38 experiments that will teach you basic skills about sound and electronics. A great gift for anyone musically inclined or even a future audio engineer! Safely explore electronic circuitry and connect the wires to the corresponding outputs to light the LED circuit board. Switch between magnetic and touch controls while learning STEM principles and the connection between electricity and magnetism. For ages 8+.

My mom took piano lessons for over 10 years of her life and at family functions, some of the younger kids still ask her to play on my grandparents’ old piano. My youngest cousin at the last family get-together played the piano for most of the dinner, however, her parents were not big fans of the slightly out-of-tune music emitting from the piano. This keyboard would be perfect for kids like her, those who want portability to carry it from room to room while also getting to enjoy the creation of music at the tips of their fingers while learning at the same time.

Rockin’ Electronic Keyboard #3155851



Circuit Blox 395

Conduct 395 experiments with these colorful building blocks that when assembled properly, create circuits that create sounds, lights and spin a motor and fan. With the included working FM radio you will be able to watch as electric currents flow and power it! Add compatible building bricks (such as other E-Blox products) to build a massive project. This kit will teach kids how lights, alarms, motors and switches work in tandem with electricity while improving their building skills. For ages 8+.

This set takes building blocks to another level by introducing electronic circuity without having any wires to connect. We often take advantage of technology and how it is powered in our present society but with this project, your child will learn how it flows in a super safe environment.

Circuit Blox 395 #3156896



For Family Fun



Build your own competitive board game that is a unique creation every time you play. With 217 components you can build multiple 3D levels and form a game board that emulates the concepts of chess and checkers. Capture your opponents while building or contracting the board as much as you’d like and adjust the modes as you go! For ages 8+.

Throughout my whole life board games have been one of the things that bring my family together, be it my brother and I against my cousins at a family gathering or just having a game night at my house with my parents I’ve been playing competitive games since I can remember. This game is unique to others I have seen because you don’t just build the board according to instructions that come in the box, you get to control how it is built and how you play the game. My inner child is screaming (in a good way) for this creative concept.

Gridopolis #3157818




In a game that seemingly defies gravity, the Octacog uses gravity to balance while each player takes a turn spinning it. But don’t make it fall or touch the balance pedestal or you’ll lose the game! After observing and predicting how it will balance and move, you’ll be able to stay in the game for the long run. Have fun as you discover the center of gravity and equilibrium while having a blast with family and friends. For ages 7+.

Often or not tabletop games are mainly based on chance or luck instead of skill. Octacog challenges you to focus on its symmetry and balance while using scientific principles to figure out its next move. Like chess, it is a game of skill and observation in order to beat your opponent. Kids will learn how to best approach the problem in front of them which can translate into other forms of education and valuable skills (all while having fun and winning the game!).

OctaCog #3157526



Trending Products for 8+

Personal Favorite:

Cyborg Hand

Forget about the Infinity Gauntlet from Avengers you can now have your own functioning GIANT cyborg hand that is able to lift objects as you open and close its fingers. Assemble this 200 plastic piece hand and fill the piston tubes with water and get to challenge yourself and your friends to grip various objects like bottles, ball, pencils and smaller items (as long as they are within reach). Follow the full-color manual with illustrated instructions to dimply piece together the cyborg hand and try out the included 5 experiments too. For ages 8+.

This product looks like something straight out of a Sci-Fi movie and it has to be one of the coolest interactive kits I have ever seen not to mention this thing is MASSIVE. If the child you are gifting this to has a passion for building different kits or even toys like LEGOS they’ll enjoy building this hand with the major added bonus that they can play with it for hours afterward too. This would be a great bonding experience between parents and their children as well since they can help with oiling the cylinders or piecing together the hand itself.

Cyborg Hand #3157172



Bionic Scorpio Grip X 2-in-1

This bionic toy combines engineering with biology as your child will create a moveable gripper or futuristic scorpion that imitates flexible muscle fibers and motion principles found in animals. This unique STEM toy will fuel a passion for biological principles and engineering marvels that young explorers and scientists will carry with them as they grow and build other kits. For ages 7+.

The Scorpio Grip features concepts from nature and engineering which to me seem to be two completely different topics but is done in such a seamless and unique way. With the flexible construction bricks, this kit will instill creativity as well as educational knowledge. Personally, I’m a fan of the gripper claw version of this toy just because it looks like it belongs in a fantasy video game. Just imagine picking up different objects like an apple and not having to worry about connecting it to some sort of technological device and then rebuilding the blocks to form the next model!

Bionic Scorpio Grip X 2-in-1 #3157415



For Kids Kitchen Chemistry


Cocoa Bombs

Hot Cocoa is a must during the cold winter here in New York and this holiday season we want to spread the cheer with Mayer’s DIY hot cocoa bombs. Create 6 unique cocoa bombs in your own kitchen with your little one to warm everyone up! The 9-piece kit features everything you need to create this chocolate treat such as a cocoa mold, cocoa mix, marshmallows and more. After creating this unique creation drop it in a glass of water or milk and watch the explosion unfold. Enjoy your fresh cup of hot chocolate with the satisfaction of making it from scratch. For ages 14+ or 8+ (with adult supervision).

I was unaware of what cocoa bombs were until last year and I am so happy that my friends decided to gift me some as stocking stuffers. This changes the game of hot cocoa, no more using plain packages that are store-bought instead you get to control how many marshmallows will be in your cup along with the level of chocolate you want to add. This is a great family activity for the cold winter snow days when all you want is a nice warm drink and to watch your favorite Christmas movie.

Cocoa Bombs #3157799


Personal Favorite:

Super Chemistry Science & Play Lab

Gift a child their very own scientific laboratory this holiday season that includes all the instruments a real scientist would use, such as test tubes, syringes and chemical substances. Use the included challenge cards to complete experiments that are arranged into levels of increasing difficulty. Travel online for even more challenges and follow the included illustrated manual to conduct safe and fun experiments! For ages 8+.

This chemistry kit has to be one of the most complex (but in a good way) chemistry kits that I have seen us carry. The amount of laboratory equipment that is included is amazing and takes me back to high school chemistry. Although it includes real scientific instruments that does not mean it can’t be used by younger kids. This is a great starter kit for children who would like to challenge themselves with different experiments you can’t find on the shelf at Walmart or Target. Introducing this to children early on will help them develop scientific thinking and skills while getting to fulfill some pretty awesome lab tests.

Super Chemistry Science & Play Lab #3157837