2022 Top Science Gifts for Passionate Geeks

As someone who totally geeks out over anything superheroes, anime and pop culture I can say that anyone in my life would vouch that it is super difficult to buy me gifts during the holidays or birthdays. However, there are many different factions of geeks out there; some are harder to buy for than others.

I have created this list to make gift-giving easier and impress any geek you are buying for, be it electronic, physic, chemist, or just plain science geek! Each category has two options and the ages for each product range from child to teen to geeky adult, making this list have something for everyone. Instead of buying a gift card for a loved one this holiday season I encourage you to pick one of our science-oriented and niche products below!


Tech Gifts



VR Space Kit

Who would’ve thought that the only thing you needed to transport yourself into space was a pair of VR goggles and a cellular device? With 96 pages pact with facts about our planet and space, this STEM lab is not only fun but very educational for young minds to learn about what exists outside of our own world. Over 100 virtual/augmented reality activities that will keep your kids entertained for hours. This kit also includes 85 pieces that will assist your little ones in building their own galaxy and a plaster volcano. For ages 8+.

VR Space Kit #3157786



VR Science

Just as Bill Nye taught about space in the item above, this VR kit will transport you straight into his lab! With 30 experiments and 80 pages of super interactive fun, your kids will learn how to create lava lamps and more through hands-on experiments. This kit comes with 50 pieces, so you only need to provide a few household items (such as water, eggs, tape and dish soap). For ages 8+.

Now you may be thinking, “Another Bill Nye VR? What’s the difference?”. Never underestimate Bill Nye! While looking through the interactive book that comes with this kit I was instantly drawn to the content about volcanoes. Not only can you build your own volcano and erupt it yourself you can also take a ride in a helicopter over a live volcano in virtual reality. I would gift this to my 9-year-old niece to introduce her to more Bill Nye content and keep her always curious mind busy (which will make my brother happy).

VR Science #3157787


Wood Kit Geeks



Infinity Trax Pro Pack

This magnetic wooden marble-run can stick to your fridge, filing cabinet or any metallic vertical surface. With interchangeable track sections, you can create thousands of different designs that can form around the battery-powered Archimedes screw lift. 48 different features can be combined to create a unique track such as a double back flip, corner pieces, swinging arms and more! For ages 14+.

The Infinity Trax has even been installed behind me on a nearby filing cabinet and I have spent quite some time setting it up in different ways (don’t tell the big boss). My coworker whose desk it is set up next to sometimes takes his breaks and I can hear marbles clinking away on the track. It is a fun pastime, and many of our coworkers come by to set up their versions of Infinity Trax to compete with who can make the coolest puzzle.

Infinity Trax Pro Pack #3157713



Electric Motors Catalyst Kit

This kit is for all creative minds to tinker away to their hearts’ content while learning about engineering and robotics. Focusing on electric motors, your children will create unique projects from the wooden parts and other hardware that are included in this kit. This learning experience can be a fun family activity or can be used in the classroom. There are 10 projects that include a machine that draws lines or even a machine that can scramble eggs! For ages 8+.

If you’ve ever wanted to put together a robotic kit but felt limited by the supplies or instructions that you received then this kit is definitely for you. This kind of reminds me of Sid’s toys from Toy Story (in a less creepy way), having a toy that has multiple functions and can be built again and again can be tailored to whatever occasion. Has your daughter wanted a car to drive around her stuffed animal? Does your son want to make a creature that reminds him of his favorite alien creature? Then this is the perfect gift for your whole family.

Electric Motors Catalyst Kit #3157651


Electronic Robot Geeks



Batmobile Ultimate Pack

Have you ever wanted to join the DC Universe and become a caped crusader just like Bruce Wayne? Well with this Batmobile kit you can inherit Batman’s ride along with all its LED functions, sound effects and unique programming. You don’t have to be an expert to build this either, as you build you will learn about soldering and programming and get an awesome remote-control replica out of the deal too! For ages 11+.

As a huge superhero fan, I have to say I was pretty excited when my purchasing manager told me that we would be selling an officially licensed Batmobile. Not only is it a replica of one of my favorite vehicles (I’m also partial to a 1967 Chevy Impala) and the highest quality tech product that Scientifics Direct has ever carried. I will also add this to my never-ending wish list (or maybe even my Christmas list).

Batmobile Ultimate Pack #3157795




If you’re like my dad you’ll spend more time yelling at smart devices such as Alexa than you do asking it questions. But with Spencer, you’ll actually hear the replies to everything that you ask it. As you build Spencer, you’ll learn hardware and coding skills that can apply to many more of our CircuitMess products. If you need a joke to cheer you up or want to know if you should grab an umbrella as you head out the door, you’ll simply press Spencer’s big red button and he’ll answer accordingly. For ages 11+.

Spencer is one of the most intelligent pieces of technology that I’ve seen during my time here, he has a cute face design and will keep you entertained for hours as you ask it question after question. I can already see it on my boss’s desk as he asks it for different physics and chemistry facts. It also memorizes the things you say to it, if this doesn’t show that one day AI will be as smart as us then I don’t know what else will (as long as we don’t turn out like the humans in WALL-E).

Spencer #3157311


Light and Optic Gifts for Funky Geeks



Infinite Lamp

You can stare into this lamp for hours and still be mesmerized which is perfect when you want to distract your coworker or even a furry friend that always visits your desk throughout the day. The colors create a static starfield making it feel like you’re looking inside the Death Star. With dozens of LED lights, you can change through a variety of colors, modes and speeds depending on your mood! For ages 14+.

I’m sure I’ll say this about many of our products in this blog but I would personally love this on my desk at home. There is a reason why it won the number-one spot in this category! The Infinite Lamp along with other various lamps (I’m partial to the Infinity Cube, which deserves an honorary mention) can be used as a nightlight or as the centerpiece in your living room. With so many functions and possibilities I find myself switching through all of them every time I walk into my manager’s office.

Infinite Lamp #3157759 



Sky Lite 2.0

This product represents a personal nebula sky brightening up your office space or living space in one simple click of a button. Point it at your wall or ceiling while shuffling through 7 different settings as you rotate through red, green, blue and mixed-colored skies filled with stars. No remote is needed, just download a free app on your phone and control the lights via Bluetooth. For ages 14+.

Growing up I had a little projector that illuminated the moon on my ceiling, however, it was super picky about when it wanted to properly function. I wish I would’ve had a product like Sky Lite to fill my entire room with an entire galaxy of light. This would even be a great addition to my apartment on nights when I want to lay in bed, read a good book and have a great view without opening my window (and worrying about my curious kitten escaping).

Sky Lite 2.0 #3157584


Trending Products for Any Geek



3D Illuminated Periodic Table

With 74 real elements in one showcase, this Periodic Table will wow anyone that glances at it. Mounted on a wooden base with built-in LEDs, this showpiece is a must-have for all chemistry and science lovers. For ages 14+.

My chemistry-loving boss has added this to his trinkets desk, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen him this excited over a product. As I held this product in my hands, I could tell that it is a quality product that anyone who loves chemistry would enjoy owning. Seeing the samples of each element encapsulated in this product was a bonus; I’m used to only seeing boring (in my opinion) paper versions of the periodic table hung up on the walls of science classrooms, and this to me is a refreshing new take on a scientific classic.

3D Illuminated Periodic Table #3157860



It’s Atomic

Everyone knows the game of Jenga, but sometimes playing with blank wooden blocks gets boring. With Its Atomic chemistry geeks can show off their knowledge while still having fun with those who may not have the same level of knowledge. With three rule variations, there are many ways that your friends and family can build familiarity with the Periodic Table of Elements. For ages 10+.

This game was developed by the Scientifics Direct manager and he is always speaking about how proud he is that he was able to be a part of this project. He has used it at home with his children as well as sharing it with their classrooms. Its Atomic is exclusive to our site so you won’t find it anywhere else so don’t wait to order because you may miss it!

It’s Atomic #3155880