2022 Top Science Gifts for Serious Hobbyists

Everyone has at least one hobby they are obsessed with and tries to get their friends and family into, and these products are no exception. You won’t find these products in just any store like Walmart or Target and instead are gauged towards hobbyists that feel as though they have everything they could ever want. Surprise! At Scientifics Direct we encourage any products that are outside the box and can still bring excitement and joy to any serious hobbyist of the following categories who would happily show them off.


For Our Physics Hobbyists



Super Precision Gyroscope with Gimbal Kit

This gyroscope is made out of quality solid brass with a lightweight aluminum frame and gives you the highest precision you have ever seen! The included gimbal kit has 24 extra components giving your gyroscope the ability to balance on a wire, stainless steel shaft, and more! The variety of experiments will keep the gyroscope moving on your desk for hours (warning: may distract you at work). For ages 14+.

This gyroscope is the definition of a quality product. It’s more than just a toy and with the additional items, the gyroscope’s precision and stability really shine. The first time my boss demonstrated how this worked I was amazed at how fast and how long it could keep running. I actually was looking for something to gift my dad for his birthday and decided to purchase this for him. Seeing him balance the gyroscope and become mesmerized by how fast it would spin with the electric motor (also included) made me appreciate it even more.

Super Precision Gyroscope with Gimbal Kit #3157852



Executive Gyroscope

Made out of 10 lbs. of stainless steel and brass stock material this 2.8 lb. gyroscope was created. With a simple flick of your wrist, the gimbal will tip and its angular momentum will start to spin the gyroscope. If you’d like to take physics to another level you can use the included energizer wheel (along with your own power drill) to reach optimal speed.

Even if you own a gyroscope already, this will be a great addition to your desktop. My manager keeps this gyroscope on the corner of his desk, almost every time I go into his office to speak to him, he’s idly spinning it. So, I will let him give his description since it is like his small child, “This product has a lot I admire. Our Executive Gyroscope is so highly machined, the materials are of such high quality, and the design is so artistic…but it’s the fact that I can simply set it into motion with the slightest touch of my fingertip- THAT’S what makes it my favorite desktop display. Hypnotic? Absolutely. It also makes a statement. I think it is the Mercedes Benz hood ornament of all physics demonstrations for your desktop.”

Executive Gyroscope #3157855



For Our Building Hobbyists

Personal Favorite:

Vera Clock

It may not be the clock from the newest season of Stranger Things but even Vecna would enjoy adding this piece to his décor. Made of birch plywood the Vera clock’s laser-cut parts assemble into a fully functional clock. The detailed instructions ensure your success in building this kit that will result in an heirloom quality clock. You will need to provide a few supplies during the process, such as sandpaper, glue, BBs and clamps. This kit is not recommended for beginners and is meant for experienced hobbyists, however, your patience and attention to detail will leave you with a piece of décor that will wow every guest. For ages 14+.

I have seen many wooden build kits during my time at Scientifics Direct, however, I have never seen one as beautifully crafted and equally as functional as the Vera clock. The movement of this clock is mesmerizing due to its slow-falling weight. As someone who is very interested in old-fashioned pocket watches and making art out of clock gears and parts, this clock invites everyone that sees it to inspect it from every angle to see all of the turning gears and pieces.

Vera Clock #3157051



Galileo Watchmaking Kit

This beautiful build kit is for serious hobbyists that are interested in handmaking a mechanical watch with plenty of time and patience. Galileo will teach you the skills behind watch assembly and provides you with all of the tools and materials you need to complete it. You won’t have to worry about changing the battery in this mystical watch either, Galileo is powered by hand winding or by kinetic movement. If you have any questions will building it or any time after you’ll be able to contact a 24/7 support system as well as have a lifetime warranty. For adults.

I buy so many little collectibles and merch but I always try to purchase things that I know I will wear or use in my day-to-day life since I use that to justify my purchases. This is one of those things that you can wear every day and hey, who doesn’t need a new watch that you can show off and say that you literally made it with your two hands? Galileo is especially unique due to the rich blue color that will remind you of the cosmos anytime you glance at the time.

Galileo Watchmaking Kit #3147495



 For Our Electronic Hobbyists

Best Seller:


With Chatter, you will build matching communicators, and gift one to your friend to chat from over 76 football fields away! While learning about engineering, coding and electronic components you’ll be able to send messages through publicly-available frequencies. Other functions include accumulating a friends list, color customizing your chat and creating profile avatars. This kit is considered medium difficulty with an assembly time of 4 hours. For ages 11+.

Growing up I always thought walkie-talkies were the coolest piece of technology ever invented. I would hide in the closet upstairs as I talked to my brother through our Spider-Man-shaped devices. I could never imagine building one or it having as many functions as the Chatter does. This device is essentially a smartphone that you’ll have the ultimate satisfaction of building and sharing with a person of your choosing. Imagine handing this to your best friend and explaining that you built it and now you can send each other memes and GIFs, you’d be the coolest kid in your neighborhood for sure.

Chatter #3157719




Wheelson is a DIY self-driving car that will empower your child through a hands-on experience that will teach them hardware and coding skills. After approximately 4 hours of building, you will have your own AI robot that can be coded to drive on its own. With a built-in camera, your robot will learn to avoid objects and display what it sees on the full-color LCD so that you can see the environment from a robot car’s perspective. For ages 11+.

The interesting thing about Chatter and Wheelson is that they share the same custom programming named CircuitBlocks. While looking into this program I’ve learned how it easily translates coding into something that even younger kids can do. I learned a bit of coding in college and during my time here and I sometimes wish that I was introduced to it earlier due to how to code while being free to try and try again without the fear of ruining a piece of software. If you have or know any children that love to watch spy movies about hacking or building codes to break into a vault then this robot will keep them interested while they learn a new hobby!

Wheelson #3157586



For Our Microcosmos Hobbyist

Personal Favorite:


This bioluminescent orb can be a stunning art piece for your home, a night light, or even used as a demonstration of photosynthesis. Placed on a solid metal stand shaped like tentacles from a creature found deep under the sea this orb will mesmerize you as it glows brilliantly at night. The glowing aquarium houses a living creature so it must be placed immediately in the water and receive moderate amounts of light throughout the day, this new pet will give you a new experience that is more exciting than any other light-up device or lamp that’s on the market.

I often see Tik Tok videos of people visiting the ocean at night and seeing how the water shines around their feet as they walk along the shore. That experience while rare is seamlessly beautiful so to have the opportunity to bring it into your home is just as amazing. The bioluminescent plankton would be a great addition to keep near sea life such as fish bowls or on its own as your main talking point when friends come over for a movie night. The OctoStand is beautiful and can create many photo opportunities with your new aquatic friends; I may have to get one for myself to keep my cat entertained at night and to bring around with me while I go on my photography outings.

Bio-Orb #3157531 



Student Microscope

At one point or another, we all have had to load slides onto a microscope for science class, and sometimes they weren’t the best quality or you wanted to purchase a microscope for yourself but they were way too out of your price range. Two words to describe this microscope however would be stable and affordable. The magnification allows you to see your slides as sharp as they are intended with three different objectives. The sleek white and black decision has a built-in rechargeable battery with a detachable AC power cord as well, making this microscope easy to take on the go with you!

If you are looking for slides that are already prepared for you then don’t forget to check out our My First Lab Prepared Slides Set (#3155840), a set of 72 specimens on 24 slides to add to your new microscope! This microscope paired with samples of things such as algae and insects will get anyone into science. This would be a perfect gift for anyone who wants to dive deeper into microscopic science.

Student Microscope #3157464



Trending Products for Any Hobbyist (21 and up)


Lockpicking Kit

If you have ever wondered what makes a clock click, then this kit is for you. We don’t usually think twice while opening a lock with the keys that are specially made for them, but what if like James Bond you want to get into a room in which you don’t have the key? With this lockpick kit, you’ll get to practice with three clear locks to teach you to line the pins up inside of it. Choose between 17 different shaped tools to discover which one suits each lock best. Included is a discreet “credit card” that hides 5 smaller lock-picking tools for assistance on the go. For ages 21+.

I spent a large amount of time testing out this lockpicking kit. I love to watch crime shows and often or not I’ll see someone picking a lock or two, and I always wondered how they were able to open door handles or padlocks so easily. Being able to see into the locks as you insert each pick helps you understand that although on television it may seem super simple there are multiple steps you must take to open a lock (and sometimes more than one lockpick).  As someone who loses anything that isn’t permanently attached to my body (such as my house keys), this kit could come in handy.

Lockpicking Kit #3157834



DIY Beer

You’ll be able to make four cases of premium beer to share (or keep) with this deluxe DIY kit. Turn your kitchen into a brewery as you follow coherently written step-by-step instructions to guide you through the science behind creating beer from scratch. This kit comes with a tank to store your beer as it ferments, you’ll just need some simple kitchen supplies and some sugar and water. In 2 weeks, everyone will be enjoying your beer and complementing you on a great job! For ages 21+.

I’m not much of a beer drinker but I do know many people who are such as my dad who is always the hardest person to buy gifts for since he always hits me with the line, “I have everything I need; I don’t need anything else”. Well, I know for a fact that he doesn’t own his own at-home DIY beer kit, that’s for sure! He is always trying new dinner recipes and being quite crafty. I think this unique kit would be a gift that keeps on giving this holiday and I already have it in my cart!

DIY Beer #3157196