5 Best Gifts for 3-Year-Olds for the 2021 Holiday Season

Finding the perfect gift is hard, and it can be even harder when the gift is for a pint-sized human. That’s where I stepped in. I’ve compiled a list of five of the most fun and educational products that should leave your preschooler (ages 3+) laughing and having fun.

In no particular order:

Ask Einstein Kit with 300 Cards

This great early learning toy is like flashcards that answer back. With you or by themselves, your little one will be able to answer questions about animals, dinosaurs, math, science and nature, and will be greeted with a light and sound telling them if they got the answer right.

Not only is Einstein adorable, but he’s actually helping your child learn in a fun and interactive way that’ll help prepare them for their lessons to come. And as your child ages up, you can make sure Einstein keeps up with our bonus card packs for kindergarten cards for reading and writing and first-grade level questions in geography and reading. We got this for my nephew, and he loves it – and I love helping him with it.

Ask Einstein Kit with 300 Cards (#3157334)


Smarty PAD Interactive LED Tablet

Give your preschooler a learning toy that makes them feel like a big kid. This full color tablet lets them play 14 different games with important educational topics like numbers, the ABCs, phonics, music and beginner coding. It’s even bilingual, with gameplay options in Spanish and English.

I feel like if my nephew used this, he’d definitely be smarter than me after. There’s so much learning jampacked into this small tablet. Plus, it’s fun and supportive, using bright colors and over 100 positive reinforcement phrases. It’s a really strong learning tool to get your little one ahead of the game.

Smarty PAD Interactive LED Tablet (#3157320)


Tree-mendous Ornament Maker Kit

Now this is whole-family, arts-and-crafts fun. This kit allows you and your child to easily make ornaments. Just place them in the tree, turn on the device and place your marker tip on the ornament and it’ll spin into a fun design. You’ll end up with a set of fun ornaments that your kids will have fun making. They’re perfect to show off to your relatives or give as gifts.

It seems so simple but every ornament comes out unique, and it isn’t just for kids. My mom would eat this up and immediately take it to her grandkids if she saw this. I can even picture my dad making an ornament in that meticulous fashion of his. All of my nieces and nephews would love this, even the one who thinks she’s too cool for family time. Would definitely recommend getting some extra packs of ornaments in preparation.

Tree-mendous Ornament Maker Kit (#3156585)


Catch of the Day – Bass

Whether you’re a family that likes to go fishing or not – mine is definitely in the not category – this fish is more fun than you’d think. As your little one tries to catch this fish with the included pole and lure, the bass won’t be able to resist but will fight to be reeled in. This hyper realistic flapping, wiggling and fighting results in laughs for everyone.

I took this home to my sister’s house, and this toy is fun. Just drop it in the bath (or even a bucket) and you’re good to go. Seeing my little 4-year-old nephew try this was possibly the cutest and definitely one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. I think the Shark version might even be funnier.

Catch of the Day – Bass (#3157303)


Duncan Mountain Wagon

My favorite childhood memories are centered around the beat-up metal wagon my friends and I played with for years. This wagon has taken it to the next level for fun and safety. You can take this wagon everywhere. It’s strong and durable, able to handle the play of years of child’s play while staying safe the whole time. It’s gentle, quiet and turns well.

This isn’t your childhood wagon, but you’ll wish it was. I feel like a wagon is a kid’s toy necessity perfect for walks, adventures and fun games. It’s not something I’d want any little one to miss out on.

Duncan Mountain Wagon (#3157260)

The Wrap-Up

These are my favorite products for 3-year-olds. They’re tons of fun and some even have an educational benefit. There’s something there for everyone. If you want a game that packs an educational punch, check out the Ask Einstein Kit or the Smarty Pad. And if you want hours of outdoor fun, revisit the modernized classic of the Duncan Mountain Wagon. For tons of laughs and silly fun, see what the Catch of the Day is. Or if you want to decorate for the holidays in a truly special way, the Ornament Maker Kit is Tree-mendous.

If there’s something else you’re looking for, check out our gift guides for kids a little older at 5+.