7 Stories from the Week that Aren’t About Politics

No matter your opinions on this year’s election, if you’ve been on the internet at all this week, you’ve probably noticed it’s hard to find almost anything that isn’t related to politics. We are here to give you a little break from the incessant political articles.

Here is Some Good News You May Have Missed This Week.

1.) Lonely Snail Finds Love

jeremy the snailA brown garden snail named Jeremy has struggled to find a mate his whole life due to a rare mutation that makes him incompatible with 99.999% of his population because of his shell spiraling counter-clockwise. The gene that causes this “lefty” shell also causes many of Jeremy’s organs to also be reversed, including his genitalia. With the help of a Twitter hashtag (#SnailLove) Jeremy’s owner found him a soulmate with the same defect, allowing them to each find their perfect mate! Consider it online dating for snails.

2.) Penguin Wetsuit

636138731265345241-20160902-ANTPenguinWetsuit-012Hair loss is common amongst humans, and similarly, amongst penguins too! Penguins suffering from feather loss occurs in the wild and leaves these balding penguins cold! A female penguin at Seaworld, in Orlando, is suffering from feather loss and they’ve come up with a pretty great solution. A custom penguin-sized wetsuit made just for her!

3.) A “Beaver Supermoon” is Happening this Weekend!

Supermoon Rising

A Supermoon that will appear 14% larger and 30% brighter than the average moon will begin this Sunday night, November 13th, reaching it’s peak in the morning of Monday, November 14th! This will be the biggest and brightest the moon has been since January of 1948!
The term “Beaver moon” comes from colonists and Algonquin tribes using this moon as an indicator that it was time to set up the beaver traps before swamps totally froze, to ensure they had a supply of warm beaver fur for the upcoming winter.

4.) Snowballs on Russia’s Coast

sdiberIf you’re preparing for a huge Snowball fight, the Siberian coast might be the spot to go stock up on ammo! These strange, snowballs, ranging from tennis-ball size to 3ft across, have been found all along an 18km stretch of a Siberian beach. However strange these appear, they’re no need to worry. These are rare, yet naturally occurring due to slushy, cold waters mixing with winds and shape of a coastline to form these spherical oddities!

5.) La Niña

If you recall the record-breaking El Niño from this summer, where warm Indonesian waters mixed into the eastern Pacific waters, this is essentially the opposite where the same region becomes cooler. Scientists estimate that La Niña has a 55% chance to last until February!
The Result? Above average temperatures and below average precipitation in the Southern U.S., and below average temperature and above average temperatures for the Northern states.

6.) The Mysterious Arctic “Ping”

2-etend-nunavut2The remote northernmost Canadian territory, Nunavut, is quite a pretty wild area, most of it only accessible by boat or plane. In recent months, near the Hecla Strait an unidentified “pinging” noise has been reported by many people in the area, including hunters who claim the noise is driving away wildlife. The Canadian Department of National Defense has investigated the area and the strange noise but to no avail.

7.) Paralyzed Musicians Play Instruments with their Minds

I think it’s hard to listen to a string quartet without the performance invoking some sort of emotion within us. Now imagine those musicians are classically trained professionals who have become paralyzed and are no longer able to perform. Thanks to some awesome technological inventions, these 4 musicians with severe motor impairments were able to perform alongside one another. Check it out below!

Paramusical Ensemble from cinema iloobia on Vimeo.


We hope we were able to provide you with just a couple minutes this week to clear your mind from all things Politics. Have a good weekend everyone!