Must See Space-Themed Movies Coming to Theaters!

Astrophiles rejoice! For it seems a love for the sky, the stars, and a curiosity as to what may lay in the vast unknown universe seems to be bursting onto the mainstream once more! Pop Culture is a funny thing, constantly changing and morphing, sometimes seemingly overnight. One subject that has seemed to be gaining steady popularity has been space-centric sci-fi!

The fact that human life on Mars seems viable, and as some environmentalists warn, necessary, within the next couple decades has greatly shaped the entertainment in our society in the recent months. Sci-Fi films seem to have taken a sharp turn from futuristic fiction made solely for entertainment, to artfully crafted imaginations and even social commentaries on this soon-to-be achievable reality.

Here are some Space-themed movies you won’t want to miss!

Passengers (In Theaters Dec. 21st)

If you’re looking for Sci-Fi with a romantic twist, this might the movie for you! When a spaceship traveling 120 Earth years to a distant colony planet has a malfunction in 2 of its sleeping chambers, a journalist (played by Jennifer Lawrence) and a mechanical engineer (played by Chris Pratt) are awoken prematurely (a whole 90 years) to discover other huge problems facing the spaceship.

The Space Between Us (In Theaters Dec. 16th)

Another movie looking to take an emotional, romantic, and humanized look into the near future of Space Colonization. The film focuses on the teenage years of the first human born on Mars, and his developing online relationship with a girl on Earth. This teen soon travels to Earth for testing and escapes the lab facilities to meet his online significant other. A frantic rescue mission ensues to find this teen, as Earth’s environment is entirely new to him and his body will not be suitable for life on Earth.

Arrival (In Theaters Now)

A refreshing and different take on the classic synopsis of alien UFO’s landing on Earth. When a “shell” shaped UFO lands, respected linguist (played by Amy Adams) is called upon by the US military to help decipher what these aliens are trying to communicate.

As a Sci-Fi fan, these movies just look awesome and we’re so excited about a seeming resurgence in thoughtful and artistic approach to the genre! On a more critical level, there seems to be an apparent shift in Sci-Fi entertainment in recent years. We are watching as Space is becoming less of a scary, uncharted territory and morphing into an attainable “new frontier”. All in all, we’re so excited about the near future of space exploration and observing the continual shift of culture as space colonization becomes more and more realistic.