Stargazing With Binoculars

Mentioning stargazing typically brings to mind a telescope. And indeed, sooner or later anyone interested in viewing the wonders of the heavens must have one. (In next month’s issue we will discuss telescopes). But the best way to begin your exploration of the heavens is not with a telescope, but rather with a pair of binoculars.


The Snow Moon

The various Full Moons throughout the year have a variety of popular names given to them, perhaps the best-known being the Harvest Moon which in times past helped farmers bring in their crops by providing needed illumination at night. Others are much less-obvious, but not so this month’s name!


What On Earth Are The “Quadrantids”?

This month offers an opportunity to see a relatively unknown major meteor shower that radiates from a place in the sky that no longer exists! This will occur on the night of January 3rd into the morning of January 4th. Although considered by some skywatchers as one of the year’s best right alongside that of the Perseids and Geminids, few have actually seen it as explained below.


Understanding the Winter Solstice

Of the four seasonal markers, this one seems to be the least understood (and for many the least welcomed with winter now ahead of us!). Contributing to this is a widely believed fact that not only is counter-intuitive—but is actually wrong!


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A Rare Nearly Total Lunar Eclipse

An eclipse of the Moon is either total in which case our satellite is completely immersed in the Earth’s dark inner shadow (the umbra)—or it is partial meaning that only part of the Moon is covered. But this month, we have a very unusual situation involving a judgement-call between these two events!


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