These Geology Kits… Well, They Rock!

Here at Scientifics Direct, we have accumulated quite a collection of scientific rarities. Recently, on a walk through our warehouse, we stumbled upon a couple of hidden gems, literally! We came across some rare geology finds that we’ve assembled into 12 unique kits for geology fans of any level; from amateurs to the diehard collector. Let’s take a look at just a few of them!

Collection #1


Collection #1 contains 7 specimens total, including the Purple Fluorite, Tourmaline, Emerald, and Azurite pictured above! Also contains a Calcite specimen and 2 other minerals!

Collection #2


Collection #2 contains 7 amazing specimens, including the beautiful crystalline specimens and a solid brass stand pictured above!

Collection #6


Collection #6 is a personal favorite! Contains 7 specimens including the Amethyst and Querts combo, the Amethyst and Clear Quarts “eggs”, Green Tourmaline pictured above.

Collection #8


Collection #8 contains 7 samples including the Agate rock, smokey quarts, and solid brass stand pictured above.

Collection #11


Collection #11 contains 6 specimens including these unique 4 pictured above and an Agate slice and an insect encased in amber!

This is just a small number of the limited edition geology kits we’re offering online! All of these kits come at a fraction of what the price of these specimens would be individually so whether you just cracked open your first geode or you’re a full-blown archeologist, make sure to check out these kits!

Check out all 12 here!