Top 5 Gifts for Adults and Hobbyists for the 2021 Holiday Season

Now that you have the kids figured out, it’s time to worry about the adults, the real challenge. What do you get for the detail-oriented hobbyist and overall nerd in your life who’s always looking for their next challenge? This is where I struggle. Buying gifts for my dad – near impossible.

And I know I’m not alone on this struggle bus. So, to help everyone – especially myself – out, I compiled a list of the five best gifts for all the adults, grownups and forever kids-at-heart in your life.

And here we go, in no particular order:


Mechanical Horse Automation Kit

For advanced hobbyists

This Horse Automation Kit is unlike anything else we carry. Based on the Muybridge horse, this thing actually works and moves like a real horse! Just crank the handle. It runs past the other wood model kits, standing out as truly advanced. Made in Ontario, this high-quality kit is made of cabinet-grade plywood, which differs from our other wood kits.

While this kit is a little more advanced than some others, it’s the perfect gift for the patient, detail-oriented and experienced hobbyist in your life. It’s sure to keep them challenged (and quietly occupied) for hours. Once complete, it’ll make a unique display piece that’s fun to show off.

Mechanical Horse Automation Kit (#3156520)

Watchmaking Kit – Galileo

This high-quality time piece doesn’t just look nice, it brings a challenging experience with it. This kit catches the elegance of time and puts it on your wrist. In this kit, a detailed video will walk you through how to build a watch, understanding the mechanics of time and what makes a watch work. It’s perfect for those who love to show-off what they know and those with steady hands, patience and a respect for high-quality accessories.

This is actually my gift to myself this holiday season (yes, I’m one of those people who gets myself a gift), and I’m very excited about it. I can see it now: I’ll spend hours patiently making it, and then I’ll be able to show it off. I think a nice watch will be good for me, make me pay attention to the time while feeling like an adult (I don’t wear watches normally, hence the feelings), plus it’ll be a new project that’ll occupy me for a while.

Watchmaking Kit – Galileo (#3157495)

Make Your Own White Wine Vinegar Kit

Vinegar never sounded so good. This kit allows you to make up to five varieties of herbal and fruit vinegar, limited only by your imagination. You’ll be able to use natural mother of vinegar cultures to create and enhance a favorite cooking staple. Coolest part – this kit is exclusive to us and comes from a farm that’s been continuously running since 1869. It’s a nice bonus piece of history.

I highly recommend this as a gift for the people who love cooking. It’s a totally unique cooking gift that’s fun to make and easy to incorporate into their various tasty dishes. These fun vinegars make a great substitute in any place you’d normally use vinegar but add a flavorful twist. Salad dressings, sautéed vegetables, roasting meats, and much more.

I hate cooking, and I don’t keep that a secret. When I was working with this product, I really liked the idea of herbal vinegar and was inspired into a two-week cooking spree (it didn’t last). Imagine giving this to someone who actually likes cooking! This may be a bit dramatic, but WORLD CHANGING FLAVOR. I could see my mom making these vinegars and using some for salad dressings and the rest of the vinegars as personalized gifts.

Make Your Own White Wine Vinegar Kit (#3157500)

Serenade – Dual Crystal Solar Symphony Rainbow Maker

There are rainbow makers, then there’s this rainbow maker. I’ve never seen anything like it. It utilizes two real Swarovski crystals to produce an orchestra of white light and short rainbows across the walls and ceiling of the room it’s in. Powered by a solar panel, the crystals start to rotate and the Serenade begins to work anytime a sunbeam catches it while perched in the window.

There’s a reason I love to go to my boss’ office, and it isn’t usually to see my boss. It’s for the rainbows! The amount of light and rainbows is an instant serotonin boost. While not for children, this is the kind of whimsy and simple light-up joy most adults need — myself included. It’s a great office decoration or would be lovely in any window, especially a kitchen window. Just imagine the rainbows coming in while doing dishes!

Serenade – Dual Crystal Solar Symphony Rainbow Maker (#3153


Full Body Massage Mat

I’ve quickly learned that getting older is synonymous with perpetual aches and pains. So, massage mat? Great gift for anyone – especially in the winter when cold and snow seems to just bring out every ache and pain. Lay this mat on a couch or bed and be ready to experience targeted massaging relief in four zones (shoulders, lumbar, legs or all of them) and seven settings. Even add heat! I feel the relief just in the words.

Unfortunately, I never got to try this one out, but the marketing manager and his family did. It was such a big hit with his wife and daughter that he never got to try it either. Since then, it has disappeared. His daughter took it away to college with her. I’d say that’s a pretty positive review, and it only makes me more jealous that I didn’t get to try it.

Full Body Massage Mat (#3157575)

Wrap it Up (and Put a Bow on It)

It’s not just toys and games here; it’s challenges and projects too. There’s still fun, though. The point is we have a lot to offer for the adults in your life too.

As you’re going through your list, I cannot suggest the Full Body Massage Mat enough. Someone get it and tell me how relaxing it is! But there’s also lots of fun projects for the advanced hobbyist.

If this list is just your starting point and you’re still looking for a gift for everyone, you’ll definitely want to check out our category dedicated to the adults. It’s full of projects, desktop toys and all the things you never knew you needed.