2022 Top Science Gifts for Adults

The older you get the less exciting gifts sometimes become, we are given household items or even gift cards (nothing wrong with those) but to be gifted something that wows our inner child is a special gift indeed. I’ve compiled a list of five categories of unique gifts for any adult in your life. Do you know a model builder, tech geek or budding chemist? They’ll be sure to love to receive any of the following items this holiday season.


For Dreamers


Personal Favorite:

Serenade- Dual Crystal Solar Symphony Rainbow Maker

These dual Swarovski crystals will create a personal rainbow just for you. The UV rays from direct sunlight will self-activate the crystals as they begin to spin creating numerous rainbows throughout your home or office. The elegant wooden base creates a beautiful tabletop design that will have all of your visitors wowed. We carry a few different rainbow makers but this is by far the highest quality and produces the best light show with the most rainbows. For ages 14+.

The best part of a rainy day is finding that rainbow in the sky, and with Serenade you can bring one into your home. I never was too great at science but one thing I did love learning about was refraction, maybe it is because I’m an artist and the twists of different colors intrigue me but I always paid special attention to how light can transform into different colors. My mother always had a suncatcher in the window and I loved standing in the dining room watching the rainbows bounce off of all the different surfaces. I believe this rainbow maker can help introduce the science behind rainbows to the younger generation while everyone young and old can enjoy the ambiance it creates.

Serenade- Dual Crystal Solar Symphony Rainbow Maker #3153562



Advanced AstroEye Planetarium

As the Northern Hemisphere projects over 8,000 stars and 61 constellations, you will be able to track star movements day by day on your wall or ceiling. The LED planetarium projector can project the starfield with or without the constellation names allowing you to view the stars academically or leisurely. Try to catch the randomized shooting star as the constellation rotates for as long as you’d like, and can be put on a sleep timer for late-night viewing. For ages 14+.

In the summer I love laying on my deck and staring at the night sky, piecing together the constellations is relaxing and beautiful as well. But as the days get colder and sometimes the sky gets dimmer, I would still like to be able to see those bright stars. This planetarium allows me to lay in my comfortable warm bed and still get the viewing experience I would get on those warm summer nights.

Advanced AstroEye Planetarium #3155842



For Hobbyist



Ferris Wheel Motorized Wood Kit

Everyone has seen or has been on a Ferris Wheel at one point in their lives. With this kit, you can take that experience indoors by building a 3D wooden model of the most iconic amusement park rides. Each wooden piece is precision cut and snaps snuggly together without any glue needed. The included electric gear motor will spin the Ferris Wheel making the passenger cars swing as they pass by. Any miniature model builder will enjoy adding this classic ride to their collection. For ages 14+.

Something about Ferris Wheels just capture the attention of anyone passing by, maybe it’s their height and how they stand tall amongst the other amusement park rides but either way, they always catch your eye. This 3D model Is no exception, it will catch the eye of anyone who walks in the room and sees the carts swinging. This is my favorite of the amusement ride models we supply simply because of the nostalgia and the small details that are put into it.

Ferris Wheel Motorized Wood Kit #3157844


Sebringville Beginner’s Wood Clock Kit

You may have seen different DIY clock kits on our website or others but have been too intimidated to purchase one. Luckily for you, this 100-piece windable clock kit is made for beginners! This kit features a straightforward assembly process relying on fewer gears to operate. The laser-cut wooden parts are user-friendly and easy to piece together; after winding the spool a single wind the clock will run for over 12 hours on its own while you sit back and watch the calming pendulum swing.

I love building kits such as LEGOS and other miniature figures but sometimes there are just too many pieces. This clock kit simplifies that process without losing any attention to detail, you’ll also gain a great appreciation for how clocks are made and the unique functionality of each piece. It’s important to note that this kit will help build your confidence so that you can continue building different kits/sets that may be more complex in the future.

Sebringville Beginner’s Wood Clock Kit #3157826



For Relaxation



Full Body Massage Mat

Experience full-body relief by laying back or sitting on this comfortable mat. Place it on the floor or a reclinable chair/couch and relax with 9 massage motors that have 4 interchangeable zones. Included is an attached remote that you will use to control where you would like relief including shoulders, lumbar, legs, or all of the above with the controller never straying far from your fingertips. With 7 rhythm modes, you can adjust the mat to fit your needs for the day. For ages 14+

As someone that enjoys going to get a massage every few months sometimes, I don’t have the time or extra cash to do so. This mat solves both of those problems by providing me with a massage whenever I’d like in the comfort of my own home. I get a lot of back and shoulder pain and just a few minutes of laying on this mat gives me relief (and the heating in the colder months is a plus as well).

Full Body Massage Mat #3157575



Illuminated Moon Mirror

This beautifully crafted wooden moon lamp stands on a base that can be placed in any room in your house (and still match all your décor!). Light up your room with 3 colors including white, yellow and orange while being able to adjust the brightness. Bring high-resolution lunar eclipses, yellow moons and blue moons into your home. You also have the option to display your moon on the wall with the included hook. Even when turned off the round moon can be used as a mirror! For ages 14+

As Halloween approaches, I am always on the hunt for any décor that is considered spooky, but not too spooky so I can get away with keeping it out for the rest of the year. This moon mirror would be the perfect addition to your home if you enjoy gazing up at the moon on a clear night as well as seeing it in different shades and lights. I love that it doubles as a mirror and a lamp and always gets excited when things have a multiuse to them.

Illuminated Moon Mirror #3157858



For Changing the Mood


Infinity Candle

Simply light the tea light-sized candle and place it between two round pieces of glass to create a centerpiece that displays an endless series of flames that reflect between the two mirrors. As it creates a “barbershop effect” the illusion will change according to your position, look at it straight on or at an angle and you will see little candlelights that seem to travel for infinity. Designer Nick Moore created this piece with over 40 years of experience with mirrors and optics, you can see his works in numerous museums and other exhibitions around the world.

Seeing this phenomenon come to life was one of the most fascinating things I have ever seen. I never thought something as simple as two mirrors and a tea light candle could create such a powerful allusion as this one. I could see this on my kitchen table or even in my bedroom as not only a showpiece but something to stare at every time that I pass by it. One of our employees keeps this on her desk and anytime someone passes by that has yet to see the candle lit and placed in the center always expresses their interest in it.

Infinity Candle #3157766



Himalayan Salt Lava Lamp 16″

Sat on an elegant metal base, this lava lamp is filled with Himalayan pink salt that was mined from a 250-million-year-old sea bed! A hidden bulb warms and illuminates the Himalayan salt giving the lamp an orange glow. Including a dimming switch, you can control just how bright you want your lava lamp to shine. Give any room a makeover with this stylish and relaxing piece of décor that will be a conversation starter for all of your guests.

There was always a lava lamp in my home growing up. I remember the one that my mom kept from when she was younger, it was purple and the lava always seemed to have a mind of its own. I could sit in front of it for hours just staring at the floating lava pieces moving up and down; every year I would ask my mom for my own lava lamp so that I could use it as a night light in my bedroom. Finally, she caved, and for many years until I was an older teen, I had that lava lamp in my room. This lamp not only is mesmerizing but it holds a piece of history as well making it the perfect piece of décor for any room in your home.

Himalayan Salt Lava Lamp 16″ #3157193



For Kitchen Chemists



Icee Ice Cream Machine

Who hasn’t craved ice cream but realized they had none in the freezer to eat? Instead of taking a trip to the store, you can now make about 30 oz of delicious soft-serve ice cream in your kitchen in 30 to 40 minutes! Pre-freeze the inner canister overnight, add a few basic ingredients, and voila! Just follow the included recipes and fully illustrated instructions and you’ll be enjoying an afternoon treat in no time.

Growing up I often received recipes for my Easy Bake Oven during the holidays and would love cooking new snacks and treats to give to my family. Unfortunately, I was never able to make ice cream with my little oven and only dreamed of a machine like this. To be able to share this memory with my niece for example while bonding over some yummy ice cream would be a wonderful moment… and we would get a tasty treat out of it too!

Icee Ice Cream Machine #3157792



Make Your Own Gourmet Mustard Kit

Presented by Mayers you will be able to create and serve 3 different styles of mustard including Tangy Horseradish, Sweet & Spicy Beer and Honey Mustard. Learn and employ traditional techniques to create tasty condiments with the included ingredients; you’ll just need to supply a few ingredients such as honey, cinnamon, garlic powder and clove. Adult supervision is recommended while preparing your gourmet mustard and is for ages 14+.

Mustard or Ketchup? It’s one of the biggest conundrums that we face as a society. Okay maybe that is an exaggeration but I know many people who have heated debates about condiments (don’t even get me started on if cereal is considered soup or not). But if growing up you ever mixed condiments to get the taste just right, then you’ll have a blast creating your mustard that you can even dip pretzels into (check out our DIY pretzel kit for a perfect pairing). As someone who uses mustard on any burger and sandwich, I was amazed that creating it could take so little and that it could be done just by following simple steps. Mayers is also close to our heart due to the company residing in New York since the late 1800s. If you enjoy baking or cooking be sure to check out the other DIY at-home food kits supplied by Mayers.

Make Your Own Gourmet Mustard Kit #3157208