When is the next Supermoon of 2016?

In the last few years, we’d say the only trendy topic we’ve seen bring as many people outside in the dead of the night to wander around, aside from Pokémon Go, are “Supermoons”. A term that’s only been accepted in the astrological community for the last 30 years, the first “Supermoon” that seemed to attract many laypeople out of their homes was that on March 19th, in 2011. This Supermoon was the first to gain widespread public interest due to the event going viral on social media sites, and since then they’ve become quite a phenomena in pop culture.

What’s so “Super” about these Moons?

So we know that Supermoons have quickly gained popularity, but let’s take a look at what exactly these Supermoons are. Richard Noelle, the astronomer who is credited as the one who coined the term, defines a super moon as “A new or full moon which occurs with the moon at or near (within 90% of) its closest approach to Earth in a given orbit”. Noelle further explains that there are usually “4-6 Supermoons per year”. Simply speaking, if your friends ask, just tell them the moon’s going to be as close to the earth as it comes in its orbit, and will be bigger and brighter than usual.

When are these Supermoons?

Now, if you’re anything like us, at this point you’re getting pretty excited about these astrological events formerly-known-as perigee full moons. We, just like you, are already stocked up on moon pies and are sending out invites to our Supermoon viewing parties. If you’re not heading out to buy a telescope or supplies to make a Supermoon costume yet, let us convince you that you should be, by informing you that there are only 3 more Supermoons left this year, and then not a single Supermoon will occur in all of 2017!

Supermoons always provide a great excuse to stay up late, sit outside in the cool fall air, and for all you guys out there, go impress your girl with your in-depth knowledge of the cosmos.

Get your calendars ready:

  • – The next Supermoon will occur on October 16th, just a little after the end of the Sunday Night Football game, at 12:32am EST.
  • – The following Supermoon will occur at 9:52am EST on Monday, November 14th. (Fun fact about this Supermoon in November is, it’s the closest the moon’s been to Earth thus far in the 21st century, and will be until November of 2034!)
  • – The last super moon of the year will be December 14th at 8:05pm EST.


If you need any further proof that Supermoons are super cool and trendy and that you should get out and watch it, check out Sophie Hunger’s title track “Supermoon”. It might just provide the start to the perfect soundtrack for your moon-watching party!

These Supermoons are close enough to see with the naked eye, so although a telescope isn’t necessarily needed it can only help! If you need help selecting a new telescope, contact us and take a look at what we have to offer!


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