Star Wars in Real Life? Exoplanet Discovered Orbiting Two Stars

Binary Star Exoplanet Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech

NASA astronomers, using the Kepler space telescoped, recently discovered an exoplanet that orbits around two stars, instead of one. The Saturn-sized planet is about 200 light-years away and orbits stars that are “roughly three-quarters and one-fifth the mass of the sun.”

You may remember that Luke Skywalker grew up on a planet called Tatooine, that also orbited two stars. The astronomers believe the planet is probably closer to Star Wars’ cold planet Hoth, though, since the stars are both relatively cool. They estimate the temperature on the planet to be minus 100 to minus 150 degrees Fahrenheit. The planet is also similar to Saturn in that it’s a gas giant, meaning no place to stand and watch that amazing double sunset Luke watched in A New Hope.

The full report will appear in the September 16th issues of Science.

Source: New Exoplanet Discovery Is Life Imitating Star Wars | Wired Science


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